Computer speakers hissing


Feb 15, 2014
Hey everyone. So I just bought a new 5.1 speaker system (Genius SW-5.1 1020). The problem is there's a hissing noise coming from them constantly as long as they are turned on.
It doesn't matter if they are plugged into my computer or not, it does not matter how many speakers are connected to the subwoofer, they just keep hissing and this makes me think that it's not motherboard or sound card related. Also the hissing amplifies with sound volume.
I've tried messing with cables in hope that there's a busted one but it's not that either. Can anyone please point out to me what might be wrong? Thanks in advance.


May 3, 2013
Sounds like some sort of interference issue, have you tried turning them on just plugged into the wall away from your computer?
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