Connect 10 year-old Surround Sound Amp to new Samsung


Sep 30, 2012
I have a 10 year old surround-sound (5.1) that I want to hookup to my new Samsung 55" LCD. Is that even possible, and will it buy me anything in terms of sound? I watch a lot of downloaded content that is sitting on a hard drive.

Can someone tell me what sort of cables that I need?

The model receiver is Technics SA-DX1050.

Thanks for any help.
Your new TV has an optical digital audio output and your Technics has an optical audio input so you just need the cable which is pretty standard and available. You will need to set the audio menu on the TV and setup the receiver to access that input. Check the manuals.
Most new TVs have lousy sound quality so you should get a big improvement in sound quality as well as surround sound if you have all the speakers.