Connect Hard drive to HDTV (Movies)



I would like to Connect an External Hard drive to my HDTV to watch Movies from. My TV allows me to do this through a USB on the Side, however I want something that can Hold more Movies and Pictures Without always having to worry about Filling it up. So I wanted to use my Fairly new Laptop harddrive I replaced for an SSD. I have an enclosure already and Tested it and it works Fine on the Computer. However when I plug it into the TV it never recognized the Drive. My thought was Voltage. So here was my other Idea, Find a HD enclosure that had an adapter to allow a power source to power the Drive and Only let the TV read from the Drive. Although I could be completely Wrong and That isnt the way a HD enclosure works. Either Way im looking for some Feedback as to how to overcome the issue I have. Thanks a ton in advance.

PS. My Apologies for the Wall-O-Text.
Some drives can be powered via USB, some cannot.
Your options? Either try another drive, or a different enclosure that also plugs into the wall.