Connect Mxqpro to surround sound

Sep 29, 2018
I need help setting up my MXQ Pro box to my Yamaha RX-V581 . I purchased an optilink full to 3.5mm optical cable cord that fits but no sound comes out. It like it’s to old to connect to get sound. What can I do someone said convert it? The box only had one HDMI slot. I want to use my house surround sound an not a choppy Bluetooth Option. Any advice?
Do you see red light coming out of the receiver end of the toslink cable? Did you check that the optical output of the MXQ is turned on in the audio menu? The output of the box is SPDIF which could be a copper connection with a mono 3.5mm to RCA cable required. This isn't that likely but no impossible.
Did you assign the optical connection on the receiver to an input in the input set up menu? The owners manual will tell you how you do that.
If you connected the MXQ to the TV with HDMI then you could use the audio output of the TV instead.
You could connect the HDMI output of the MXQ to the receiver instead of directly to the TV.
You could use an HDMI audio extractor to provide an audio output for the receiver.
Sep 29, 2018
I’m a total newbie when it come to my house being prewired with surround sound so this new box we use I don’t know. I will look up and try all the information you put but it’s like a foreign language to me. My main question is the cord right and all I need to do it make sure it’s turned on on the receiver and the box and I should be good?
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