Connecting all of my input devices to all my screens


Feb 7, 2014
Recently I acquired a gaming PC. Along with the computer, I bought another monitor so I could have an extended display. Before I bought my gaming computer, I was using a single ASUS monitor for a PS4 and an Xbox One. I also had a projector for my Xbox 360 that I threw against a wall for those "Netflix and Chill" moments.

My sister just shipped off to boarding school (so all the tech in her room is mine, muahahaha)
one of the pieces of tech she left behind was a mini Polaroid TV that she barely used. I added her mini TV to my gaming setup, because why not.

In total at the moment I have four screens; My little sisters mini Polaroid TV, my primary ASUS monitor, the Sceptre monitor I bought with my PC, and my projector. Right now, I have the two monitors and the mini TV connected to my computer and have all three setup in an extended display in Windows 10. The projector is still connected to the Xbox 360 for those "Netflix and Chill" moments.

What I'm trying to achieve is basically have all four displays switchable between each device and still able to achieve the extended display on Windows 10 with all four devices.

This is what I thought of so far:
The blue boxes need inputs.

Can you guys help me?

Thanks in advance,
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