Solved! Connecting old Teac Hifi equipment to a modern LG OLED55C8PLA TV

Dec 14, 2018
I cannot get my new TV (which only has USB ports) to communicate with my old TEAC hifi equipment (which only has phono jacks). On the suggestion of the John Lewis tech team I bought a cable with appropriate connections at each end but it does not work. I suppose the hifi equipment is about 12 years old. Is there a solution or is simply an incompatibility problem?
Dec 14, 2018

Much appreciate your help. I am in the UK and found this site
which appears to offer the same thing at a cheap price. Can you give me your opinion?


The one thing I don't see in your post is if the device handles PCM (stereo) and 5.1 (surround sound). Some TVs can convert their output to PCM some can't. My guess is, with that cheap an adapter, it doesn't support converting surround sound to analog. That might be OK or it might not work very well. I would get one that explicitly says it will convert 5.1 and PCM to analog.
Dec 14, 2018

Many thanks again! Really appreciate your advice.

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