Connecting older HD ready TV to Roku, BluRay etc.

Rural Watcher

Jan 18, 2016
For starters: I live in rural Western MA with Verizon DSL (3.3 Mbps download and 0.7 upload speed). I tend to use Netflix and Amazon on my older 21" 2010 iMac and it works fine (for non-HD streaming) and some HD downloads.

My TV is a 30" 2001 HD-ready Loewe Aconda 9303, used only for DVD collection (don't like tv), using a Denon Pure Progressive DVD2800 (purchased simultaneously in 2001) that upgraded pic quality to 1080. I have yet to see a flat screen that comes close to the Aconda pic quality so I am very hesitant to get rid of it.

For those who suggest Smart TVs (as a second set), it appears I would basically be paying for screen size (internet speed would render other features like HD or 4X more or less useless/inaccessible). There's still the picture quality which doesn't compare. Lots of white lines and other imperfections in virtually every set I ever see displayed in a store. So I want to take advantage of the pic quality of my old set.

Which brings me to a converter/connection solution between my Aconda and HDMI streaming devices and BluRay/DVD player (Denon is starting to stick plus obviously I need to expand my collection). ROKU 1 will supposedly work for streaming. (I'd do Apple TV but it doesn't hook in Amazon), so I can get Amazon to stream (day to day) on the much better Aconda (vs. iMac). Not sure I can upgrade to Roku 3 or 4 (in case I ever get a second set) and use a converter.

For getting the HD effect in some instances, if I can download content, then later play it through the Aconda (vs streaming outright), it could be a nice experience compared to alternatives, even my iMac, but I am not sure the Roku addresses that or I need to connect to the iMac for the content resident there.

As for watching my old DVDs and expanding my collection (for which BluRay or download is only option), there is the added issue of what and how to connect.

I have a VGA connection, multiple S-Video and Component Video inputs on the back of the Aconda. Have pix but cannot upload here.

The Loewe is indeed an excellent TV so if you are not looking to get a bigger set then you can connect your laptop via VGA for streaming. Check the specs of the TV to see what the highest resolution it will accept over VGA. 720p would be great on a set that size (I use a 720p projector on a 92" screen and am pleased).That would allow downloading HD content for later viewing which streaming boxes can't usually do. You could try KODI on your laptop and see how that works on you internet connection (it's freeware).
An HDMI to component video and audio converter would work for Roku 3 or 4 and would give you HD which the Roku 1 would not.