Connecting older JVC Receiver with Vizio Smart TV with Soundbar


May 2, 2016
I have an old JVC receiver with no HDMI connection only AV out put and I am trying to connect it with my new Vizio HD TV with the s5.1 Soundbar. I can get the Picture from my DVD player connected to the receiver but cannot get any sound. What do I need to do?
Soundbars are not designed to work with receivers so these is no reason to connect them for video use.
If you want the radio or any other stereo source connected to the receiver to play through the soundbar use the tape record out of the receiver to feed the aux analog input on the soundbar.
Video sources would connect directly to the TV with HDMI and the soundbar would be connected to the TV with either HDMI (ARC) or the optical audio out of the TV.

Got Milk

Dec 21, 2011
Contrary to the answer that states "soundbars are not designed to work with receivers" - a soundbar can, generally, be 'plugged in' to a receiver preamp input(s). Since soundbars are almost uniformly powered via their own amplification you should not plug the already amplified source (in this case a soundbar) to another amplified source. The suggestion someone "...use the tape record out of the receiver to feed the aux analog input on the soundbar" is simply wrong and could damage your equipment for the reason I mentioned.

Lastly, a soundbar can connect to a TV in any number of ways HDMI, HDMI(ARC), Optical input, mini-plug, RCA jack etc. it just depends on the connections available to you and there are adaptors that can be purchased at very little cost for a range of connection possiblities. might even, depending on your TV model, be able to use an audio out from the TV as well as the 'older JVC receiver' and switch between them (either automatically or manually via self-selecting the applicable input).

The advice you were given earlier was simply too incomplete, too bad, or entirely wrong to not post a comment clarifying some of this, given the limited information available, for others.
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