Question Constant authentication problem despite multiple methods and couldn't find anything related to my solution that will help. Who knows what to do?

Jun 4, 2019
So I got a new phone and the system is a lot better than my last one. I go through all the steps to set up my phone except for one, setting up the wifi. I know my wifi password and it was never changed by me OR the owner of the spectrum router. But when I put the "correct" password in, no extra characters what so ever, no mistakes; nothing of that sorts. It will connect but will not authenticate before going blank with the wifi list before attempting to authenticate again and so on no matter how many methods I go about it that I know personally. I am out of ideas, even reset the router itself, the phone, and still nothing. So if anyone knows how to fix this I would gladly love to hear it.
It may be the connection. If the phone is trying to connect at say 5.0GHz and your modem/router log in info is for 2.4MGz then you will get this issue.

First check which one your modem/router is broadcasting at. This can be done in the modem's/router's settings. If your modem/router can broadcast on both (most newer ones will) then make sure the WiFi name and password are showing the same for each. That is the only way to avoid having to use different ones for different devices. Some devices do not run on 5.0 and others don't run on 2.4.

Additionally, make sure the modem/router is not set to limit the items that can connect. It happens.

Should none of this work, and you have confirmed you are trying your password on the correct WiFi as well (names can be similar) then try the device on another network you have access to and see if that works. If it works on the other, your network is the problem. If not, then there is a problem with the phone.
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