convert a RCA plug into a banana plug


Sep 2, 2013
I have a carvin av806x amp connected to my 5.1 speaker system. It also have rca plugs to connect to A/V receiver, the speaker input on the AVR take banana plugs.
Would I be able to use banana plugss on the av806x? or can cut off one end of RCA cable and re-connect with a banana plug? any suggestion!



You can certainly try, but the cables may not be impedance matched to the receiver. This could cause problems.


Are the amps RCA connections for the speakers if so this is very unusual,RCA is normally for Line level signals and banana plugs for speaker level.
However if they are speaker level then you would need to replace the RCA with two Banana plugs.
If they are not speaker level then even if you replace the RCA it will not work as the signal level will be too low.
The RCA connections on the amp are for connection to a surround sound preamp processor. If your speakers have RCA inputs on them you can just cut the RCA plugs off at the amp end of the wire and just use the bare wire (center wire is plus). Speakers with RCA connections are usually don't handle much power so you will have to be careful not to damage them with too much volume.