Converted video files keep corrupting.


Jun 3, 2009
I hope this is the right place to post this since I'm almost sure it's a problem with the files themselves. I'll start with a step by step of what I'm doing.

-Download Youtube playlist with DVDsoft video downloader for the raw pre-converted files. (Basically an exact copy of the Youtube video in .flv format.)

-Open Format Factory because it has a better range of options than DVDvideosoft's converter.

-Use custom settings because Format Factory's iPod classic's preset doesn't work.

-Make iTunes playlist for newly converted files then added to iPod.

-If bitrate is too high, the video crashes before it can finish.

-If bitrate is too low, the iPod will corrupt while disconnecting from iTunes.

-If iPod corrupts then I have to delete the converted files, change the bitrate in Format Factory, restore and resync all the stuff on the iPod, and try again.

The iPod is a 120GB classic that I bought off a friend. I had to reformat it from Mac to Windows when I got it if that helps any.

Keep in mind that some videos will corrupt the iPod if they're on there together, but one or the other wont corrupt it at all. Which then, at the worst, it'll just play til about 2 minutes in then crash. The one's that crashed previously will work suddenly after a sync, and vice versa. Seemingly for no reason at all sometimes.

I have fddshow codecs and the ones which came with Format Factory. I've tried every setting and codec I can find and the files still always cause problems. Any bitrate below 160 kb/s or above 500 kb/s will instantly fail. And anything in between is just a huge gamble.

Is there a special type of codec (like one using CBR or VBR) that will work? And in which case, how can I get Format Factory to use it?

Again, I'm not sure if this should go here or in MP3 Players. I picked here because it seems more like a problem with converting than with syncing the iPod. If it is in the wrong forum then I apologize.