Corsair Vengeance Headsets 1300 or 1500 for 7.1 simulated audio?


Dec 11, 2007
Ok guys, the reason im looking at those 2 head sets only is because I have accomodations from them from my workplace so I get discounted corsair products ;)

Anyways Im looking to get a surround sound (simulated) headset I can wear to play games and maybe watch videos. Ive been using my beats mixrs (no bashing, rager headset) currently and while they are great for music, they just dont feel that right for games with surround sound. I dont game much only on free time and when I do, I dont really use the mic feature since Im not a hardcore gamer anymore.

The 1500 is a USB headset with it having its own dedicated sound card for 7.1 audio BUT if my current mother board (Asrock z77 Extreme 4) has "7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection (Realtek ALC898 Audio Codec)" then would I still need that usb feature and just settle with a 1300?

Before someone brings up to get a sound card, the answer is no because im not that big of a audiophile and id rather use that money towards other hardware components like a GTX 780 coming out soon.

Any ways, opinions will be greatly appreciated. :bounce:


Apr 19, 2013
the 1500's will produce better 7.1 sound than the 1300's only because of the onboard sound on the headphones. The 1300's will just be 2 channel on your MOBO sound as it only has one 3.5" and realtek has no virtual surround options. I dont think it will sound that great. If you get the 1300's and a $30 xonar DG which has Dolby headphone in the software you will prob get better results.