Could using a lower AMP charger on my gaming laptop have damage my gpu?


Feb 1, 2016
Hi, today I realized that my Lenovo y410p requires a 6.5a 19.5v charger,but i've been using a 3.25a 20v charger. I bought the laptop from a friend who lost the original charger. When I first started using the laptop the charger would sometimes go off and stop charging the laptop for a few seconds but later on it didn't have this issue so I thought everything is fine. But over the past 4 month (2 months after I bought the laptop) my gpu constantly fails and crashes during intense gaming with the message "nvidia graphics driver has stopped responding".

I've tried cleaning out the laptop and replacing thermal paste but no luck and now I've realized I've been using the wrong charger, could this have messed up my gpu? and will replacing with the correct charger help the situation?

Some Specs
Lenovo y410p
intel i74700mq cpu @2.4ghz
1tb hdd, 120gb ssd

Thanks in advance.

My gpu temps are hi (68c-78c when gaming) but not so much that it should be causing me this much trouble.