Crashing and Black Screen with Toshiba Laptop

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Mar 9, 2010
Hi, I've had my Toshiba Qosmio X305 q701 since September 2008, and it was running flawlessly until about last month. Since June, I've been having a problem where after I play a game for a period of time, my display will go instantly blank, and the background sound will repeat like a broken CD for a second until going into a screeching hum. I have no choice but to manually shutdown. I've tried reinstalling drivers, but it did not help at all. I even once got the BSoD. The crashing started to come a few weeks after installing Windows 7 (64-bit). I worry that overheatings of my GPU may have caused damage. My GPU would reach temperatures in excess of 95C when playing Borderlands, and my computer didn't shut down automatically like it did with Vista.

Does anybody think that there is another explanation or fix for my problems, or do I have to get a new computer or laptop because of GPU damages? Can Toshiba repair this at a decent price (My warranty is expired)? I can't even play Starcraft II for 10 minutes before a crash comes. Please help, and thanks in advance.

Here are some relevant specs:
Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P7350 2.00GHz
512MB GeForce 9700M GTS
4GB DDR3 RAM (1066)
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

And here are the games that crash my computer most frequently(15-30 min into the game):
Half-Life 2
Starcraft II

For some reason I can play these games for a long time before a crash (2-3 hours)
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Counter-Strike: Source
It definitley sounds like a heat issue. Your best bet right now would be to get a can of air and clean out all of the exhaust ports. From there, you'll also want to ensure that when you use, that you use it on a flat-hard area.


Aug 15, 2006
I 2nd that. Got my wife a Toshiba Q something or other too about a 2 months ago.
If she watches a dvd in bed and the fan exhaust is slightly obstructed it will shutdown after awhile. This one also sucks up fresh air from underneath, so if you have used it on fabric at all, its more than likely sucked up a fair bit of dust over time.

Sometimes you can unscrew a few panels underneath, a can of compressed air will help blow the garbage out.


Sep 17, 2010

I have gone through the same problem (on multiple games including SC2, MW2, ArmaII, etc) and i believe i am familiar with it.

Qosmio crashing during games (even freecell) with a black screen and loopy sound from the speakers. Solved only with a hard reset. Problem does not happen if you are running off the battery.

I believe i might have a solution. I have seen the problem crop up across the board on all Qosmio laptops (including my own X300) and i eventually did quite a lot of research and found out a solution.

The problem really pertains to fixing the clock frequencies between the GPU and the CPU and that caused all the problems. They apparently loose sync with each other at variable speeds due to a bug in the power management.

The detailed explanation and solution are on www.fixmyqosmio.comand you can check out the writeup there.

It worked for me and it has worked for over 100 other people who have liked it and used it. !!Warning!! it is a COMMERCIAL solution (although it has a 100% refund guarantee) so dont go to the site unless you want to.

I am not soliciting for business. just letting you know that there IS a way to solve the problem and Toshiba are either not concerned or unable to solve the problem. Please dont make the mistake that i made (taking my out of warranty laptop to toshiba) and paying for servicing it.

The service center cant help as it just DOES NOT KNOW how to solve the problem. They service it and hope for the best.

Hope that was some help



Jan 11, 2011
I was having the same problem that i read here and could not solve that for a very long time.

I have a qosmio from Toshiba and i always used to give me the black screen of death and i was really frustrated.

I read in the comments from a guy called LordNOD that there is a website called

It has a solution and i tried it (yes i risked sending 15 bucks to the guy) And it worked! Saved me a bundle of money! Toshiba's asked for $1200 to fix it and he did it in 15. Totally worth it

Do test it out as i was glad i did (an no no one paid me or asked me to do this! I thought i should share my good fortune with others and prevent people from wasting hard earned cash in these hard times)


Chris Woods

Jan 11, 2015
I have had the same problem span two computers. One is an older dedicated gaming computer, one is a newer i7 laptop. It was driving me crazy. It's not a heat issue. One time it crashed in a game after less than 20 seconds and it was while in a hangar screen - not even in gameplay. And my fan was not running fast.

I went to that paid site even though I don't have a Qosmio. But you know what? The problem apparently only happens with two video cards, the 9800 and 360m. My newer laptop is a Toshiba with a 360m. My older one is Gateway with a 9800m.

Fascinating. I mean, what are the odds?
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