Decent laptop suggestion for college/gaming


Aug 28, 2016
I will be going to college soon and I want to have a decent laptop that can last for 4 years during college maybe even more. I will be studying computer science. I had never had a laptop before I only used my pc and it is very outdated now.

I will also be gaming a lot. So I want to run new games smoothly maybe not like 120-90fps but it shouldn't go under 30-40. I mostly will be playing Overwatch, CS:GO , Witcher 2 maybe 3, Dark Souls 3 , GTA5, Doom, Rust, Skyrim on small steroids :D also if possible Battlefield 1 (that might be an overkill)
A friend of mine will probably buy the Dell Xps 15, I thought about it but the gtx 950 feels a bit low for my expectations.
Since I will be in college I want something lightweight like a max of 2.5-2.7 kg. Also the battery shouldn't die easily, it should at least go for 6-8 hours when I am not gaming. I checked alienware laptops, originpc laptops, asus rog laptops. Also an i7 processor, 16 gb of ram and 512 GB SSD would be ideal I guess. I don't know if I am asking a lot. But I can't make up my mind.
My budget is between 1500-2000$. If it is something really good I might go over the budget a bit.