Deciding between two laptops


Jan 15, 2015
Looking for basic PC Laptop. Main use is for using MS Office - not much else.

Deciding between two:

HP 15-g050ca AMD A6 6310 500GB HDD 4GB RAM Optical Drive

ACER Pentium N3530 1TB HDD 8GB RAM, no Optical Drive

I know the A6 is a much better processor, but the Acer has double the RAM. Which would perform better/faster? Would it make that much of a difference since all I'm using it for is basic documents and spreadsheets?
For office applications the faster CPU is more relevant. Actually, just about anything current will handle the MS Office suite and 4GB of RAM is much more than enough. Plus the graphic capabilities of the A6 are much better than the integrated graphics on the Pentium. I'd go with the AMD unit in this particular battle unless you plan to run some high end applications where graphics are unlikely to be relevant.