Dell inspiron 1525" blue screen, not turning on.


Oct 4, 2014
I have not been able to use my dell 1525 inspiron for 3 years now.

While under warranty, my dell (as im seeing hundreds of others have experienced this) had its mother replaced MULTIPLE times, as this repeated issue, keeps occurring.

So far my motherboard, battery, power adapter, screen, and eventually almost every part inside my laptop all replaced by dell technicians. I have had my laptop re-assembled IMPROPERLY to the point where my laptop head is cracked, the top cant close without coming completely apart, the pieces are incompletely mis-aligned, when a dell technician came to "fix" my laptop.

Backdrop of what i have dealt with with dell's HORRIBLE service.

I purchased this computer to use in college. Right before graduating my laptop completely breaks on me ONCE AGAIN for the same issue. When calling about them this, i found out my warranty had expired over the night, leave it to dell for their computer to break the very next morning it is technically out of warranty. I was then told it would cost my nearly $300 for a mother board and over $500+ do get the motherboard AND have it installed by dell. In which another almost $300 would be charged for a new warranty. I paid almost that total to purchase my laptop, why pay over $1100+ to fix 1 issue???!!!

Except on top of completely dying, my screen went BLUE this time.


1. Screen went blue, computer will not boot at all.
2. In order for ANYTHING to happen with my laptop my charger HAD to be plugged into the computer WITH the battery, it will not do anything without the charger plugged in with the battery.
4. By ANYTHING i mean just the battery light blinking a SLOW blue light.... It used to have 4 amber blinking lights, and 1 solid blue, then it was 1 solid blue, not it is a slow very rare blinking blue battery light.
5. The keyboard lights do not light up either, nor does the fan start, or any noise, nor does the computer.
6. Which leads to the obvious the computer is not booting up, the screen stays off/completely black.
7. I have tried it all, dont ask. The take the charger out, battery out hold the power button, check to make sure everything is seated properly, check the ram, take the ram out, 1 ram, both, none, nothing works.
8. This was a BRAND new battery when this occurred.
9. Its been almost 3 years of not being able to use this

And from what i can see online, hundreds of people have had this issue, so much several posts focus on people complaining to the BBB and discussing a class action lawsuit at the time. What i have also found out online is that dell 1525s has some unshielded wire that attracts electricity in the computer, and tends to short and fry the motherboard, because of what is essentially wrong wire installation causing this.

Ive ordered a new cr2032 battery as of tonight because that was a problem for some people.

NO, no proper diagnostic tests have been ran by dell, and clearly cant be ran since i cant even start the computer.

So, my question, do i buy a new motherboard, making this my.... 3rd, 4th, 5th and try to replace it? Im assuming i will be purchasing from ebay, and see if i can fix it that way?

Has ANYONE had this issue? Maybe it isn't even the motherboard, maybe its the hard drive, dell doesn't seem to know.

I need to find out what is causing this issue, so that i can save up, buy the piece, and fix it, as im starting work and school soon, and i need this computer, and all my documents on it.

I posted this on dell, received no response, maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.


Sep 11, 2014
Take out the hard drive of the machine, and buy a new computer. With that money, you can buy a new one, and salvage your data while you're at it.
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