Dell inspiron 9300 17" possible lcd and gpu problem.

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kilo two nine

Dec 21, 2011
Hey, i have a dell inspiron 9300 laptop 17" display, with a ati radeon x300 64mb mobility video card, and i am having problems on boot up with windows, i get long vertical blue , white , and red lines going through the screen and will not go away, they do not flicker or nothing, they just stay.

dont get me wrong the laptop works, i am using it right now in safe mode with networking. it only works without lines in the 3 safe modes, and VGA mode.
the bit rating is : 32 and the resolution is 640 by 480.

I have used a spare monitor, a CRT one, hooked it up via vga cable, powered the lcd and got the same result without the use of a external vga cable.

I have ran the windows diagnostics, and said everything was ok , ( by the way i am using windows xp service pack 3, 32 bit version of windows) i may have done the video card test wrong i do not know.

and i have used a spare laptop hard disk drive and reinstalled windows, with the same results, vertical lines.

I have come here to ask for some help, as i am out of ideas on what i can try or use. i am open to any kind of help or questions i know there is alot to read, so thanks for reading and any possible help / answers!