Dell inspiron charger problem


Aug 7, 2016
I have dell inspiron laptop, issue is that last 1 month, i'm not using laptop, lappy's battery & charger also. Yesterday I try to open it but it's not working.
First of all lappy not started properly, issue is that show only dell logo & turn it off all lights & screen. Solution found on internet. Hold & Press Fn key & press power button. Trouble shooting starts, than the battery's led light was red blink & warn me to connect charger. When I connect charger within few seconds charger's green light turn off & laptop also turn off while troubleshooting.

Now I'm connecting charger on wall only (not in lappy) so green light work properly but when I connect to lappy, charge's green led light turn it off & not charging lappy's battery & lappy not starting without battery (charger connected directly).

Pls send me all possible solutions on my mail id [don't post your personal info on the forum] So i can try all the given solutions at home to resolve the problems.
1) charger problem
2) laptop starting problem
If you can't understand my problem, you can call me or send me a mail to given mobile number & mail id.

Ronak Patel
[don't post your personal info on the forum]