Dell Laptop battery question: 2 different models will battery work in both safely?


Oct 30, 2014
So my laptop is an Inspiron 1545.

I was doing 3month cleaning of it and when i remvoed batetry i saw it was bloated (was raised dome area on one end and flat and normal on other side)
so i took it out as im pretty sure when a battery swells liek that it isnt safe( if it is safe tell me i may be paranoid).

Get paid in a week so not able order one till then(and then prolyl 3-5days shipping), but i like to take laptop with me when i have go palces and w/o battery it wont work so well w/o charger.

Question is this: I have a broken Inspiron 1440 that has a good batetry and it does fit my laptop(1545) and keeps it on when i unplug it, but wont charge the battery; Is it safe and ok to use the battery from the 1440 or will it damage laptop/battery?