Dell Laptop Double Booting and Driver Crash

Chayu Damsinghe

Feb 12, 2015
So I bought a Dell Inspiron 15r 5537 laptop, and it has dual AMD Radeon HD 8670M, and Intel HD 4400 graphics. It also has an Intel i7-4500U processor and runs Windows 8.1 64bit
So sometimes when I start the PC, the graphic drivers seem to have uninstalled on its own, and when I reinstall the AMD drivers, it works fine. However when the PC goes to sleep, I cannot get it to wake up, and when I close the laptop, opening it won't wake it up either. ANd when I start the laptop up, it goes to the dell motherboard loading screen, then screen goes black, and the boot starts from the beginning and proceeds normally.
Also, sometimes I get BSOD errors, and there are two error codes I get. One of them goes like this "DEVICE DRIVER EQUAL OR NOT EQUAL". I will post the other one when I get that error again. It ran something like "DVX DRIVER ERROR" wiht some more words.
So, this is pretty annoying since I can't use the portablity feature of the laptop that well (can't close it and reopen it to use). What do you think the problem is?