Dell Latitude 5550 "Plugged in not charging"


Nov 12, 2016
Hi All,

I have a ~3 year old Latitude 5550 that started with the "AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined" warning message on boot about 2 months ago. When in the OS, hovering over the battery icon gives the "0% available (plugged in not charging)" message. In trying to fix this I have: updated the bios, replaced the battery, replaced the DC power jack and have tested it with 5 different Dell power bricks(we use Dell laptops at work and I brought 5 adapters home). Short of just replacing the laptop I am not sure what to try next. Anyone have any idea what it else could be? Thanks in advance.
It could be the charging circuit. Which will either be on its own board (less likely) or part of the motherboard.

If this is the problem, then you will have to replace the board. Unless, of course, you know enough about them to repair the circuit, or know someone who can.