Dell Precision M6600 Drivers/Hardware questions/Overclocking Advice

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Sep 3, 2013
On Thursday i bought myself a Dell Precision M6600 with the following specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2760QM CPU@ 2.4ghz
Memory: 20.00G (Not entirely sure what Cache)
Display: Nvidia Quadro 4000M 2.0Ghz

I got the machine second hand for R10 000 Which is a pretty good deal considering they retail at about R32 000 for the most expensive model.

Driver Problem:
When i received the machine it had windows 8 and a bunch of other useless non-nonsensical programs installed.
I kept on getting errors about using the wrong apps and and and so i installed windows 7 Ultimate since i'd never had problems with that OS on my other machine - but now things are not running as smoothly as they should, i still think its driver related issues i checked the dell driver page on their website and there are over 100 drivers to choose from, but reading through them it seems like i don't need half of them - is there possibly a free program i can download which could detect which essential drivers are missing and in turn download them for me?

Hardware Questions
Before i got the machine i did a bunch of research on it, and everywhere i went it seemed to received awesome ratings and reviews etc.
But i couldn't seem to find any video of a person playing games on this machine, i know that the GPU isnt exactly a gaming card its more for 3D rendering and Graphic design, but i'd love to know how this card should handle games and on what graphic settings.
Also i read on a few forums etc that you should download a specific driver if you want to use this card for gaming, can someone confirm that? Also this is my first Nvidia card I've always used AMD - what would be the AMD equivalent?

One more thing - as a producer deejay, im using this pc as my main studio computer, i need it to hook up to two - three 23 inch monitors the one monitor i'd like to use as a sequencer and the other would be for my actual DAW (Digital Audio Work station) Is this laptop capable of doing this, and what exactly do i need to do this, since i only have one VGA port at the back and then an HDMI port. Would i be able to run 2/3 screens with the laptop screen off? and how exactly do i split the screen properly?

Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 7600 64x Bit - does this OS pick up and use all 20ghz of my ram?

This is my first i7 CPU, i've had a 2.4ghz core 2 quad before when i check the system specs of this pc it picks up 8 cores all running at 2.4ghz whats the difference between my old CPU which picked up 4 cores and this one which picks up 8?

I'd like to overclock my machine to 3.0ghz would i be able to do it without there being possible harm to the machine? If yes, which programs would you recommend and should i possibly create a custom fan schedule for the overclocked cpu and if i overclocked the machine to 3.0ghz would it each CPU be set to 3.0ghz or just a single one?

I hope i didnt ask to many questions

Thanks a ton in advance and have an awesome day!
on the dell website, you can type in the service tag number from the label on the bottom of the laptop. that will give you a list of what drivers you specifically need for that laptop. make sure you choose the correct OS and OS version ( x86, x64). That's the easiest way to cut down on the many drivers they offer.
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