Dell - Software & Hardware Question M1710


Sep 17, 2007
Hi there,

I have a question about Dell software packages.

I'm looking into a Dell XPS M1710 for a friend. It's the cheapest Laptop you can buy for the best performance over here in Australia.

Now I understand that the 512MB NVIDIA Go 7950 GTX Graphics does not support direct x 10. So if the graphics doesn't support Direct X 10, to me, there seems very little reason for me to go with Windows Vista.

If I'm not going with Vista 64 bit, I certainly won't go higher then 2 GB of ram.

So what my question comes down to is this... I own a spare copy of Windows XP 32 bit. Dell gives you no choice but to purchase a operating system. If I go ahead and purchase a copy of Windows Vista 64 bit, and upon arrival delete the O/S and install my own copy, would I be able to at a later date upgrade to a future Graphics card that supports DX 10, and then reinstall my copy of Windows Vista that came with the dell? As well, would I then be able to stick another set of RAM, to make it a total of 4 gb?

I understand that upgrading Graphics cards for laptops in general is pretty difficult, but is it possible?

I know that Dell products come with bloatware... Is it easy to remove? I know if I wipe the OS, and install XP, I won't have that issue, but will that bloatware be there when I turn around and reintall Vista?

Secondly, I remember reading some reference that the CPU chipset itself in the m1710 does not support 64bit... Is this true.

Dont worry about VISTA and DX10 , it will take 1-2 or even more years for games to be fully DX10 optimized ,also 7950GTX doesnt have problems with VISTA , i had a 7900GTX with VISTA without any problems

There are some Sager laptops that u can have DX9 , then u can add a DX10 card when they are out ,but i dont know about DELL M1710 , The best DX10 card is 8700GTS (currently) and a 7950GTX beats it , as i said dont worry about DX10 , also go and take a look @ DX9 vs DX10 in games , the difference isnt noticeable

For RAM ,yes i think u can buy 2GB now and add 4GB later

The frist M1710 had CoreDuo CPUs which doesnt support 64bit , but now it has Core2Duo CPU which supports 64bit


Feb 3, 2006
You could do that with the OS without issue. It sure would be a lot nicer to go with someone who would image the drive or send it w/o the OS.

As far as upgrading the DELL 1710, it may be a problem, or very expensive through DELL... just to warn you ahead of time.



Sep 17, 2007
Thanks for the replies guys...

After some thorough research, I've decided to look into a clevo 570RU model instead.

Killer I'd love to purchase your Executioner model, but unfortunately after exchange rates and shipping it would be about 4000 AUD :(
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