Dell XPS 13 or Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe?


Nov 21, 2006
I've been waiting to pick up a new laptop for some time now... .had an XPS 9550 but it was extremely buggy so I returned it.

Now, I am looking at the XPS 9360 Rose Gold OR the new Asus ZB 3 Deluxe.... The Asus is 14", which is a bonus but still small and sleek.

I've never had an asus laptop... I had several Vaio's over the last 5+ years and use a Dell Latitude E7250 for work (which I actually really like - the reason I am looking at the XPS series today).

Would you choose the XPS 9360 or the Asus?


May 5, 2017
I just ordered the Dell XPS 13. My replaced laptop is the first Zenbook and even when it is beautiful, ASUS owed a lot to me: a better SSD performance, a better keyboard, a better display, better speakers than B&O, a better charger connector, and more. I haven't had a bad experience with Dell computers so I thought it's time to back to that brand.

Also, I have read than service for ASUS can be a headache; Dell, counterwise, is really good for service. It's a shame because I really liked to stay with Zenbook series but ASUS is not reliable to me anymore.