Solved! Dell XPS 15 versus Macbook Pro


Aug 6, 2010
Trying to purchase a good laptop that will last a long time and will help me out in school, graphic design, and some gaming. So far I am leaning heavily on the Dell XPS 15, any suggestions?
Dell XPS 15:
Processor - intelcore i5 560m
Video Card - GT 420M
Memory - 6GB DDR3
Hard Drive - 640GB 7200rpm
bluetooth, blu-ray, 6 cell battery, turbo boost

Macbook Pro:
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo
Video Card - GT 320M
Memory - 4GB DDR3
Hard Drive - 250 GB 5400rpm


Nov 17, 2008
Most manufacturers will provide a product that will last if you take care of it. It is easy to make a laptop last longer than you want it to last. I have a Dell Inspiron that is almost 6 years old and still works well, but it is fairly slow by today's standards. I bought a Dell Latitude to replace it, and a small ultralight Toshiba T135 to use for travel.

The Mac is normally made of good materials, and costs more because of it. And if you check the online Mac forums you find that they still break, just like other brands do. Dell makes some good machines, and I found that the screen in my Latitude is the exact same model that Apple uses in the MBP and gets good reviews on. My viewpoint is that if you buy a slightly less expensive laptop then you can justify buying a new one sooner, and you will want to buy a new one sooner because newer/faster/prettier models will be out next year and the year after that and so on.

The decision of Mac vs. PC should be made more on what apps you want to run and which OS you know and are familiar with.
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