DELLXPS stutter problem (Nvidia)


Nov 5, 2013
Hey, this is my first post on the forums and I hope this is the right place to post my problem.
I came here after I became so desperate.

The issue is:
I use a DellXPS L502X, equipped with 2 GPU
-Nvidia GeForce 540M 2GB
-Intel intergrated 1GB
Whenever I assign the Nvidia to any application (Games mostly). The application freezes with a stutter with no response but I have to force a hard reboot using the power button.
I have checked various forums on the internet which suggested a couple of fixes (that was long ago so I don't quite remember what I did) but it was useless.
I don't know what's causing this problem, but I tried a couple of Nvidia drivers and the problem still persisted.
But I could use a couple of applications though (League of Legends and Borderlands amongst some other few...) with lowest graphics settings of course.
Then I had to reinstall windows, and reinstall new drivers (I didn't keep the version number unfortunately). With the new drivers the problem developed and even those few previously working games cause the same freeze+stutter combo. (Tried changing Nvidia drivers but in vain)

I'm really frustrated because I feel I'm not getting the maximum out of the device I paid for. I'll be glad to provide any relevant information required to address/fix the problem. I'm not an experienced techie but I know some things.

Thanks in advance community!