digital adapter problems


Apr 11, 2015
Live in Raleigh, NC area. I just installed digital adapters as required on two TVs on which I do not have the "set top" box. I have one such unit which has been satisfactory.

Problems with the signal on both adapters started a downward spiral. One tech and two tech supervisors have spent 9 hours on site working on problems. Finally got a picture on both TVs (we are on the second adapter on one set and the 4th or 5th one on the other). Last problem is that screen will not format to full size--letterbox on every channel. That has consumed 4 of the aforementioned 9 hours.

Advanced support unit (telephone) spent over an hour working on it last night without success. They did not bother calling back today.

Receved a phone call this morning from a local tech supervisor that the current digital adapters in my area will not reformat to show full screen. Only recourse will be to get a set-top box (currently rent for $8.00 + any taxes and charges per month) or enjoy everything in letterbox format which cuts about 2" off the top and bottom of the picture. Perhaps a back-door effort to get more revenue through more rental and perhaps rental of movies and other features on those boxes?

We are not one of those who is dissatisfied with TWC routinely. We have used them for many, many years and have phone, high-speed internet and TV with them. Unfortunately, looks like this relationship will end soon.