Digital TV Interference with Internet


Sep 2, 2015
I am having issues with interference on my digital tv when using my internet.

The coax cable comes in to my house and goes to a 2-way splitter that separates the internet and tv. The tv line goes to a 4-way splitter that goes to 3 separate tvs throughout the house. Two of the tvs have built-in digital tuners and receive the digital cable channels 100% fine. My older HDTV does not have a digital tuner and I recently purchased a ematic AT-103b digital tuner box for this TV. For some reason, when I use the internet (wirelessly on my phone, as tested), the digital TV on this older HDTV gets some interference. I have swapped out the HDMI cable coming from the tuner box to the TV and it's still occurring. Previously, a few months ago, I had a iView 3500STBII on this TV and everything worked fine.

My question is, what is causing this interference? The tvs with the built-in tuners are not affected at all when using the internet. Is there some way the ematic digital tuner can be causing this interference on its own? All signal quality is greater than 85% when not using the internet, but as soon as the internet is used, it can drop to 60-75% and cause glitches in the audio and video.

I'm thinking of just purchasing another iView tuner box to see if the box is the issue, but wanted to check here first.

Thank you for any help!


My guess is the RF tuner in the converter box does not have good filtering on it. The first splitter that has the modem on one side and the TVs on the other should have a filter in/on it. That is to try to prevent this. But obviously it isn't working perfectly. I would ask the cable co to check your splitter to see if it is doing the filtering appropriately. If not they may be able to add an additional filter.
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