Direct TV Local Channels


Feb 14, 2011
Ok guys, Friend of mine has Direct TV. His Nephew is actually paying for the Sevice and Receiver, but is located about 20 miles away. In other words, the account is not set up for my friends address. The Nephew is paying for and receiving local channels but fried is unable too. I am not sure if this is due to no signals on 110 and 119 or not. I spoke to Direct TV and they informed me it was due to receiver not set up for that address. Both locations use the same satellites, so I dont see how it could be account set up. I am thinking it is due to satellite signal is 96% on 101 but 0% on all transponders for 110 and 119. Direct TV said on way he can get locals is to set up an account for his address and pay all the extra fees. Is this B/S or not? Could I adjust satellite and pick locals up?


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