Solved! Display quality while watching e.g. YouTube

Nov 17, 2018
Hi everyone

I'm really happy with the Iphone XS Max. There are many positive aspects. But now I am absolutely disappointed with the display. The OLED display of the iphone xs max is always highly praised by critics. For me, the display was a very important criterion when I bought it.

For example, if I watch a video on YouTube in Full HD quality and compare it with another smartphone (compared it with the Huawei p20 pro and the samsung galaxy s8) then I strongly notice that YouTube is less sharp on the Iphone. And that's clearly noticeable! Full HD was selected as the resolution on all devices. In a direct comparison the sharpness of the videos on the iPhone xs max was clearly worse than on the android competition (Huawei and Samsung).

Has anyone already noticed this? Is there perhaps an attitude or another reason for it? I can't understand how the display of the Iphone XS Max is always perceived as so good.

I also compared the videos to an iphone 8 plus and the sharpness on the Iphone XS Max is only slightly better.

It really annoys me because I read a lot of tests in advance and the display was always mentioned as the strength of the Iphone.


The higher the resolution of the screen and the lower the resolution of the video the more "fuzzy" it will look. A 1080 video may look great on a 1080 screen but be not as sharp on a 4k screen. How things look on YouTube is probably not a good test of how good the screen is, it's more of a test of YouTube.
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