Solved! Does anyone know how to stop the fan on the ASUS FX505GT

Dec 5, 2020
I just got my ASUS FX505GT and when I am using it for more than 5 minutes the computer just starts its fans on and I can't hear anything.

The thing is that this happens when my CPU is using less than 5% of it power and the temperature is only at
(Using CUPID Measurements)
Value: 20c - 30c and up to 40c - 50c

(Changes while I was writing this, I have literally only opened a few testing programs on my laptop, I only tabbed the Control panel and CUPID)

These were lower and just rose for no apparent reason whatsoever, the CPU is still using less than 5%.
Has anyone else had these issues, and does anyone know how to fix them.
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