Does fiber internet reduce the amount of lag spikes I experience in game?


Apr 17, 2016
Does fiber internet reduce the amount
Right now, I am using a DSL connection. Maybe when about 2-3 devices start streaming youtube, I get massive lag spikes, sometimes its so laggy that i lose connection to steam.

I am using a wireless connection because i play on my gaming laptop on the dining table, so using a wired connection will create a big mess around the house


I also noticed a reduce of lag spikes when i bought a new router. Before, I only used the router/modem(?) That the ISP provided us with
Mar 13, 2018
Getting fibre may reduce your lag if the problem is low speed internet.

I suspect that the problem is actually with your wireless router being overwhelmed with all the streaming, especially if it improved when you brought a new router.

You have a couple of options here. Either buy a new router, something like the Netgear XR500 Nighthawk Dual Band Pro AC2600 Gaming Router. Although these routers aren't cheap.

Or probably the better option would be to buy a set of powerline adapters, that way you can connect to your laptop on the dining room table without having to run cables all-round the house. The only cable would be between the router and the socket on one end and you laptop and the socket on the other.

Because the laptop will be using the LAN port there will be no problem with your game.

If this still doesn't work then it would suggest your internet is too slow for all the streaming although I would be very surprised if that was the issue.

Hope that helps.