DPC latency problems after installing gpu drivers


Jun 18, 2014
Ok I have done my best to narrow down this problem before asking for help, and I have trawled the internet for answers.

So please save me!

I sometimes have pops and clicks in my audio, seemingly caused by high dpc latency.

So this distortion + latency is quite predictable, it happens when I have audio (or video) in the background whilst doing other stuff, or when I move the window which contains the video (e.g. youtube in a browser). However if I just watch the video without moving anything it is fine. These two charts show the difference, I simply moved the window in the first chart then left it stationary in the second one. The same thing happens when I scroll through certain menus, it is a very specific to seemingly unrelated and simple tasks.


Ok the problems occur in other situations also, but I guess the important point is that if I don't really do anything the spikes go away (even if I have lots of things running), I can play fairly demanding 3d games with no problems (unless I alt tab or have something in the background).

I suspected a driver might be causing the problem (I used latencymon to try to narrow it down). However after trying everything I resorted to a clean Windows 7 install. The problem was gone, until I installed my gpu drivers, and then the problem was back. I tried some older drivers, same problem. So I'm guessing the problem is the card itself, or some interaction I'm not seeing (before this problem started I was using these same drivers).

My next step is to try a spare graphics card I think. BIOS are up to date and have not caused problems in the past. Processor was has been overclocked in the past (with no problems) but settings are now mostly default (c-states, speedstep, virtualization tech, etc. all disabled).

Mobo: asus P5ne-sli
ram: 6gb ddr2 800mhz
gpu: radeon 5770
cpu: e8400
windows 7 64 bit

Sorry for the essay! Thanks so much for any help/info!


Great info no reason to apologize for the essay.

It could be the CPU isn't up to the work load since you're multitasking. But interesting when you re-installed the gpu drivers which, I'm guessing then put more strain on your system, in other words a particular program that the 5770 uses. Since it seems unrelated in terms of tasks, that to me shows the cpu or just amount of tasks you are asking to process isn't working well or you over taxing it. No heat or power supply problems and etc, I guess.

Trying a spare GPU would be a good choice to at least start figuring out the problem.


Jun 18, 2014

Thanks! So I tried another GPU and it solved the problem, so I'm just going to replace my old one. It's a shame as everything is fine when I'm playing games and doing other things which really tax my CPU. But at other times when I have very little running I get these spikes, just from moving a window or opening a menu or something, even when my CPU usage is really low. If anyone knows what this is that would be great! Save me buying a new card!


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