DPC Watchdog Violation Related to NVIDIA Drivers


Apr 30, 2017
Recently I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7559 (Service tag: CWXDLD2). I was curious having never used an ssd before and so I unplugged the laptop, removed the battery, and removed the ssd just to look at it. Upon putting it back and starting the machine back up, I received the DPC watchdog violation BSOD. After a couple of hours I downloaded the dell custom recovery image for windows 10 and reinstalled it, but whenever I try to install the NVIDIA drivers the laptop freezes and crashes with the same BSOD.

Sometimes I can get it to work, in which case after about 5 minutes of the laptop being idle, the error message that says display driver has stopped working and has recovered pops up repeatedly-literally one after the other until it crashes. I can disable the GPU in device manager and the laptop runs fine; only problem of course is I have to use Intel's HD graphics. When I reenable it the laptop become sluggish and has trouble opening applications as well as file explorer.

I've used the link above to download the custom NVIDIA drivers as well as the Windows 10 custom recovery image.
I've tried the SSD iaStor.sys driver fix
I've uninstalled using DDU and reinstalled multiple different drivers for the 960m

Any suggestions? Thank you