Dual displays on a new Asus N550 laptop

Rares Curutiu

Oct 4, 2013
Hello, I wanna ask before I buy the Asus N550 or N750 if there is the possibility of using the ports that it already has to extend the desktop over 2 displays.

Or is there a laptop with ati gpu with beter specs then the ones above that can use eyefinity?

Thanks in advance for help.


May 16, 2004
MY DELL XPS 1640 has HDMI and DISPLAY PORT. All 3 displays can show different image or part of image. Graphic card is ATI. I strongly believe exactly same can be achieved with N500 using HDMI and it's mini display port.

I don't think that eyefinity is only one doing multiple monitors / views. NVIDIA cards with many outputs can generate displays on several displays, so I assume same applies to notebook integrated graphic cards.

Unfortunately I don't have mini DP cable to test that for you, however, I strongly believe I will be able to achieve 3 different images on notebook + 2 extra displays.