Editable PDF Problem


Jul 16, 2011
I have 2 different computers that are used to run an insurance company. We use a lot of editable PDF's. Recently something changed on BOTH computers that has caused a very strange problem with editable PDF's.

I can type letters into fields with no problem. I can type into fields with the number row above the letters on the keyboard. BUT, if I use my 10-key it doesn't work. It just gives me a bunch of tildes (~). I've checked basics: Swapped keyboards, re-installed Adobe Reader, etc. to no avail. If I remote into the PC and type into a PDF, it works just fine.

I have the EXACT same issue on both computers. Which leads me to believe that this is an issue with the PDF's themselves and not the computers.

Has anyone else seen an issue like this? If so, what was the fix?