Expensive sound card..yes or no?


Sep 5, 2015
Recently I decided to repurpose my old PC into a media center with kodi.The motherboard is Asus P5vd2-vm se


But the onboard audio is not working.I am planning to go with a 2.1 setup due to space constraints and I have decided to buy this speaker - 'edifier c2xd 2.1'


This particular speaker has a seperate amplifier with optical in.I decided to go with this speaker because I intend to use the same speakers with my sky HD box also which has an optical out.Now my question is will there be any benefit if I go buy an expensive sound card for use with this particular set of speakers.I need a sound card anyway because my onboard audio is damaged,but will a cheap one suffice?.Also I don't have any AV reciever.Do you have any suggestions regarding which sound card should I buy?
Also I have a gt 520 gpu inside my media center PC,so can I just use HDMI out from the card and then pass it through a HDMI splitter like this one -


into video through HDMI and audio through optical and thus bypass the need for a sound card all together
If I asked something stupid kindly let it go,I am kind of a noob when it comes to audio
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