External Monitor Using Only Integrated Graphic (Laptop)

Nik Pena

Jun 13, 2015
Platform: Windows 8.1 64bit core i5
Manufacturer : Asus
Model : ROG G56JR
Graphic card : Nvidia gtx760m (latest driver by June 2015)

Reason I post this thread:
1. I want the external monitor to run with the discrete graphic and not the integrated
2. because every time I connected external monitor to the laptop, it shows monitor only using Intel HD graphic card. (by clicking Advanced settings inside Screen Resolution )
3. Tried possible solution in this forum, but nothing seems working. Monitor still using Integrated graphic.
4. The biggest reason of this thread is because my laptop screen crack. Cant find nearby spare part at this time. Thats why I really want the external monitor to use the discrete graphic cause right now I still got my not very old asus monitor.
5. Cant set game for the recommended setting for high quality visual viewing. (laggy and fps drop)

In case the experts want to know what have I done :
1. Try to find the bios setting which the forum recommended to change it through the bios setting, and I cant find it. Only show the DVMT under graphic setting.
2. Updated both graphic driver to the latest version.
-Integrated Intel HD from Asus page
-Discrete Nvidia gtx760m from Nvidia page
3. Try disabling Intel HD graphic from device manager, then monitor only detect VGA display with lowest resolution (like a safe mode), but not detecting the already 'enabled never disabled' Nvidia graphic.
4. "Run with graphic processor" menu also didnt working. (mean still using integrated if i choose run with high performance nvidia processor).
5. Nvidia Control Panel with 3D setting also didnt change the graphic used. Still on integrated.
6. "Alt+Tab"ing every games that demand high graphic processor. Reason is to see whether the game appear or not in GPU activity tray icon. Guess what, GPU activity shows no activity. It make me jump to the conclusion that my discrete graphic was never used.

So this is some of my assumption of the cause :
1. This laptop have optimus technology and maybe I broke it ( cause I didn't know if there was an optimus technology exist -technology newbie- )
2. Some thread from or not from here told that Most of Laptop's graphic driver shouldn't updated through the graphic site in my case it's Nvidia page. Must be installed from laptop manufacturer website. ( need help if this was true or not, because most of this thread is from long ago post. Nowadays they have driver saying my card included in supported card to be updated )
3. External Monitor in any way only detect intel HD integrated graphic ( did they? )

What should I do?
Use the provided driver from manufacturer website in order to keep optimus running? or,
there are other way to update graphic card without messing up with 'optimus prime' ? or,
if there is any way so that laptop will be using Nvidia graphic permanently?
Cause I wouldn't mind the power consumption since I play games most of the time. Will use a cooling fan if it start heating.
Any experts help will be greatly appreciated :)

Many people don't quite get how Optimus works. This is working correctly.

The displays connect to the iGPU. Any stuff that the OS wants rendered by the dedicated card is rendered by that card, then sent back into the chipset via the PCIe bus, then patchworked into the video feed from the iGPU.

Nik Pena

Jun 13, 2015

so u mean, my dedicated card will kick in if I play a game with high setting tht required high performance graphic? If so, why did I still experience some lag, some fps drop? is it because of the refresh rate of the external monitor?

before this happen (before built-in screen cracked), I have 150-200 fps while in game with MEDIUM graphic setting. When I duplicate the display, it drop to 90-150 fps, but still in smooth condition. Now I use a single display only, the external monitor (after built-in screen cracked), the fps drop to 30-60 fps even with LOW graphic setting.

I still use the same monitor for the duplicate display with what I've been using right now. The diffrnce is that I am not duplicating the display. To be more accurate, I remove the built-in LCD ( looks cooler, it look like I am having a keyboard with no CPU :p ) so that easier to see the external screen.

I need those 150-200 fps back (90-150 fps would be grateful enough). If there is any possible help, I appreciated it so much T.T


Jun 21, 2015
I have this exact problem too, only that I didnt take out the built-in LCD, will void the waranty if I do that. I notice tht in some game, the memory didnt show what it actually have. make me conclude that dedicated graphic never used. For gta 5 example, at graphic setting, memory only show it have 1700++ MB. when i checked, that memory belong to integrated intel HD 4600 graphic. my nvidia gtx 760m have 4000++ MB dedicated memory. What is the problem here?