External Speakers for BenQ Gaming Monitor XL2720


Oct 26, 2017
Hello guys good moring,

So I have a BenQ Gaming Monitor XL2720.

It has 1 audio jack on the left side of the monitor. On the manual it says that you can connect a headset or external speakers.

Right now I have an Xbox One and a PS4 connected through HDMI to HDMI port 1 and HDMI port 2. For sound I'm using a headset connected directly into my xbox one's controller chat pad and the same method I use for the PS4.

I wanted somebody's suggestion in order to have the best/ easiest method to use external speakers for both my consoles (Like having the speakers connected to both of them at the same time so I wouldn't have to disconnect or reconnect cables at all, IF POSSIBLE), for the Xbox One and for the PS4, while I play using the BenQ Gaming Monitor.

Let's say I'm planning to use these speakers:

I don't have those speakers yet, I'm planning on buying them so I can't test this out yet.

If connecting external speakers directly into the BenQ will not give me the full sound quality potential than connecting the speakers directly into the audio source, then I wouldn't want to connect the speakers directly to the monitor, but if the quality is the same that would be great.

Xbox One and PS4 don't have 3.5mm audio jack, they use digital optical audio cable.

The monitor jacks are likely only stereo, if you are looking for surround sound from all the devices you would need a receiver with multiple inputs and 5.1 outputs and speakers.