Fan control help


Jan 31, 2013
I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5928 running windows 8 and I have been encountering the problem of it reaching insanely high core temp. and the fan only turns on for maybe 30 seconds then cuts out and only recently has the fan been running 24/7 but at very low speeds it is idling in the low 50s and jumps to around 80-90 when I log into a game and the fan does not seem to want to respond, I have tried Speed Fan but it does not seem to work I have been stressing over this for the entire time I had this laptop, I have found no funstion in the BIOs to adjust the fan speed and I am not familiar enough with the windows 8 build to try to find a solution.

if the fan you have that not turning on a cpu fan it may be a fan for the case or gpu. if you have ati or nvidia gpu in your laptop you can try msi afterburner see if it can turn on the gpu fan. if not if the unit under warranty i would use it.