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  1. O

    Toshiba L20 BIOS modification (annoying fan behaviour)

    Hello, I have sort of unusual problem. Some time ago I got my hands on really old Toshiba laptop. After cleaning it from dust, changing thermal paste I upgraded the RAM to maximal 2 GB and HDD to 80, installed Windows 7 and it seemed to work fine (it even found driver that supported...
  2. B

    ROG GL504GM Fan control

    Good day guys. I recently bought a ROG GL504GM and the CPU fan speed has been going at 7400rpm at idle. Is there anyway anyone has managed to control the fan speed? I tried installing speedfan but there wasnt an option for fan control. the main page was just blanked out. If any of you guys...
  3. R

    Laptop fans at full speed (100%) all the time (even in UEFI menu)

    The two fans of my ASUS Zenbook UX303LN are running at full speed all the time. Even though the temperature of the CPU, the GPU, and the hard drive is lower than 40 ºC. I have Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit installed, but I think it's a hardware problem. First, because the problem is also present when...
  4. P

    How to adjust fan curve or speed for dell laptop

    i have a Dell inspiron 7567 gaming laptop and its totally fine, but im really fussy about my pc fan noises and this laptop is no exception, dell really messed up the fan curve on this laptop coz it kicks into almost max speed at temps like 55 on gpu and 64 on cpu, like i dont need ot to be that...
  5. M

    Msi GP62 7RD Leopard fan noise

    So I have had this laptop for about 10 months roughly and it works fine. Until yesterday when it made this weird noise so I turned it off and back on again. After some investigating I've realised it's the fan(s) causing the issue. I tried cleaning them and I tried not doing anything intensive on...
  6. K

    Dell Latitude E6410 Fans not being registered/too slow.

    Hey, trying to find anyplace to control the fan speeds on my Dell Latitude E6410 and haven't been able to find anything regarding this, tried various different programs and even looked in the BIOS and found nothing regarding the fans. Can anyone please help? Overheating is too much of a problem...
  7. S

    How To Increase or Decrease MacBook Pro Fan Speed

    The temperature of your MacBook depends greatly on its processing and usage. At times, your processor’s temperature can become very high, which may cause trouble while working. This might be due to the slow speed of your system’s fan. If your MacBook is facing similar issues, you can modify and...
  8. P

    Attic fan control via WIFI and Alexa

    I have a Attic Fan circa 1970s' It came with a Double Switch (one High speed, one Low speed) and a 60 min Timer. Its uses a 110 volt line. If anyone is really interested its "Sears Home ventilator model no.785.63931" I couldn't find any info online due to its age, but I do have the Manual. I...
  9. F

    Fans Ramp Up On Every Single Task - Please Help!

    I bought a fresh new Asus ROG GL503VD with Intel i7-7700HD, GeForce GTX 1050 and 16BG of RAM. The display has 60 Mhz refresh rate. It came with Windows 10 and all new updates are installed. Registries, cache and other slow-down garbage are cleaned regularly. Energy management is put on...
  10. J

    GD30CI-NR004T Thermoshock issues

    Hei Guys and Girls :-) - This is a stationary computer, not a laptop Link: One of the first to get my hands on ROG STRIX GD30CI-NR004T. GeForce GTX1080Ti 11GB Core i7-7700 32GB RAM 512GB PCIe SSD 2TB HDD DVD±RW,WiFi W10H Insane build. Love...
  11. BorealMind

    Solved! Asus Zenbook i7-4510u running too hot

    Hi, i'm the new owner of an Asus UX303LN series. I'm perfectly satisfied with the computer so far yet i notice that it is running noticeably hotter than my previous computer (i3-4030u) even when the processor is set at say 70% power limit which would put both at an equal power theoretically. My...
  12. P

    Solved! Laptop fans stop working while playing.

    Hi, my laptop (Toshiba Satellite L850-138) is "loosing" its fan control. Today the life of the laptop is around four years and a half, and it happened four times in its life, the first was in the first months of life, the second was in its second or third year, but third and fourth were last...
  13. K

    Fans at 100%

    Hey everyone, I'm coming across a problem with my Lenovo Y40. This laptop has caused me many problems. the specs made it look very promising when I bought it about two years ago, but the build quality has proved it to be on the cheap side. That being said, I don't have the money to upgrade as I...
  14. Z

    How to setup SpeedFan advanced fan control to skip 1%-24%

    Basically what i'm looking for is to set up my fan curve to completely stop the fans under 40C and when it hits that temp i want it to go to 25% right away. (to skip the area where my fans don't turn on.) Like with MSI Afterburner you can have an exactly 90 degree angle on your fan curve. so the...
  15. Jackmanj7

    AI suite 3 resetting fan curves

    Soo i have a overly expensive ASUS motherboard (x99 sabertooth) iv'e had it for around a year in my current build and recently AI suite 3 has been resetting all of fan curves to a random curve (its hard to explain), basically i have got my rad fans, pump and exhaust fans being controlled my the...
  16. D

    Can't turn down my laptop fans

    Just like the title says, I believe it is a Asus Q550LF-BBI7T07. I replaced the ram (now 16gb) and the hdd to a ssd (500gb). Even before the hardware upgrade it would have the fans at max speed. Also i can't find anywhere in the bios where i could change the fan speed, and putting it on power...
  17. P

    Asus N750JV CPU overheating & Fan Control

    Hi all I own an Asus N750JV laptop with Windows 8.1 (I always installed OS and Drivers from fresh). Laptop used to run well and CPU was kept mostly cool by the fan also under slightly intensive use (videos, photoshop editing). I recently upgraded to an SSD and reinstalled the OS as well as...
  18. W

    Speedfan installs successfully, but the executable just hangs indefinitely. It's been months and nobody has responded :(

    I successfully installed Speedfan (from the Almico site). But when I run it, nothing happens. It's on my system tray, but it doesn't respond to left/right-clicking. Trying to run Speedfan.exe again just executes another instance of Speedfan (duh). Trying to kill the Speedfans in task manager...
  19. Ryan_81

    Problems With Gateway Laptop Overheating!!

    Hello everyone, So recently I have fixed up a gateway laptop I need for school. I put 8gbs of ram in it and a 700gb hdd. Putting it together I was aware of the problem of it overheating but needed the laptop anyway. I opened it up and looked inside, the heatsink looked brand new. Thermal paste...
  20. C

    Razer Blade 14 CPU Fan Curve Too Weak

    Hi. I just bought a Razer Blade 14 2014. Everything is fine, except that the CPU is having temp problems. When under heavy load, the CPU jumps up to 93 degrees Celsius on the hottest core, before the fans speed up a bit and bring it back down to around 80 degrees Celsius. I then ran prime 95...
  21. L

    Fan Control Software

    Hey there Everyone. I have an issue that all the fans in the Case including the CPU Fan is running at 100% all the time and its really noisy. I have an AMD 8 Core CPU and an AsRock Motherboard. I have 2 case fans and an Antec Kuler 620 water cooler. I was wondering if there is any universal...
  22. J

    Do I really need ASUS AI Suite 3?

    I know that I can use it to adjust fan curves in Windows, but this can also be done in BIOS. This program causes conflicts with HWInfo, which is used to monitor CPU and RAM usage in the RivaTuner OSD while gaming and on the system tray, and will not work with Bitdefender Total Security. I tried...
  23. M

    Fan Control Software

    Hello Recieved a school laptop which works great and all, but the fan is very annoying. It's either going on full speed or not going at all. I'd much rather have it run at a medium speed all the time than having to listen to the fan switching speeds every 20 seconds. Thanks for any response...
  24. Fishyy200

    Toshiba laptop fan control issue.

    So on holiday I need to use a Toshiba C855 laptop. However, this laptop runs extremely poorly mainly because it overheats, which is why I'm pretty sure it can never stay at a stable 2.2Ghz frequency and jumps around all over the place. This takes a huge toll on the performance of the laptop as...
  25. T

    Corsair link issue

    Okay so i have a gaming PC i built about a year ago. Recently i bought a corsair dominator airflow ram cooler, mainly for looks. I hooked it up it powered on fine but then i realized the stock red led on the fans did not match my color scheme. So, i downloaded corsair link to change the led...
  26. D

    Promlems Troubleshooting Dell Inspiron laptop -- Possible bad CPU Fan?

    Hello, I am attempting fix a client's 8-year-old Windows XP Dell Inspiron E1505, which he complained of sluggish performance. It turned out that he had a ton of viruses / malware, so I did a complete system reinstall of Windows, drivers, etc., and now things are much improved. But graphics...
  27. B

    i7-3612qm fan control question.

    Hy folks, How can I adjust my cpu fan speed? While playing a game(CSGO), my temperature slowly rises from 50 to 105 then shuts down the whole system, and the fan wont even speed up a bit during the heating procedure. I will try cleaning out and repaste the cpu, but I dont know if I can do that...
  28. D

    Need a good fan control app

    Hello, everyone! Recently while using my laptop I've been noticing that the fan works too fast. When I touch the surface of the laptop, I can fell it vibrating. I would like to check the speed of the fan. Can anyone suggest a good fan control program? I am using Windows 8.1. Thanks in advance...
  29. byakuya000

    Fan Control Software

    Hi, What would you recommend as a Fan Control Software? I can't afford a fan controller right now and at the same time my ODD is occupying my only 5.25 drive bay. I have a Gigabyte GA-H97M-Gaming 3 Motherboard and I am not sure whether it has a fan control capability or not.
  30. B

    Can't find a fan controller for my laptop

    Hi, I've been looking for the past few months for a fan controller that will work for my sager np7338, but I can't find one. Please help.
  31. N

    Asus u36sd Laptop fans not running.

    I have a Asus u36sd ultra book my hard drive died. Replaced the hard drive and re-installed windows 7. I tried tracking down all the drivers. I can't seem to find any drivers for fan control. Right now the fan on my computer never turns on so I keep turning it off when I feel its getting to...
  32. M

    Need help with fan control!

    I'm a new builder and I recently connected my fans to my motherboard because I thought I would be able to manage them manually and control their speeds. I originally was using them with the fan controller provided with the nzxt phantom 410(case), however at times when I wanted them to run faster...
  33. E

    Macbook pro running really hot

    Hello , my old macbook pro 13 mid 2009 is running really hot. 82C! i ordered new fan and i use Smc fan control app ... but any suggestions ? Thanks
  34. KrzysiekX10

    Looking for good fan control software

    Hi. I'm looking for a good software which is going to let me control my case fan speeds. It will be for my new computer. What I'd like to be able to do with it: -controll both PWM and non-PWM fans, -precisely set the maximum RPM of a certain fan, -set certain speeds at which the fan is going...
  35. A

    Gigabyte Z97x-SLI SpeedFan

    Can anyone tell me why only my gpu fans are showing up in speedfan? I have another 4 fans plugged into my motherboard, none of which seem to be showing up. I have some fan control options in the bios so it's not like the mobo can't control them. I'm using SpeedFan 4.49 by the way.
  36. V

    LAPTOP still slow after cleaning laptop

    My laptop is still slow after gave it to a computer expert for cleaning.:( Any solutions would be very helpful. :)
  37. Smoother

    EasyTune6 Fan Control Issues

    Currently trying to throttle down a noisy fan on the rig, and unfortunately my GA-970A-D3 does not come with a fancy UEFI like all these new models now. So apparently I cannot adjust fan speed through the bios according to the manual, and easy tune doesn't seem to be responding to my changes. I...
  38. M0j0jojo

    Is there any software that can control fan speed?

    So, I my friend is looking to buy some case fans, but cannot afford a fan controller. My question is: is there any software that he can use to control the fan speed from there instead of buying a fan controller?
  39. ImPrettyIrish

    Fan Controller Software?

    Is there a fan controller software available for free anywhere? .
  40. iiNrG

    Laptop Fan Not Turning On?

    Hi, I recently wiped the Hard Drive on my Dell XPS 15 L502x Laptop in order to sell it. All has been going well but i've noticed that sometimes the laptop (Now that i've re-installed windows) shuts down from time to time, due to what I believe is overheating. I've noticed that the exhaust fan...
  41. Razor88

    Fan control on a laptop?

    Hey guys. My friends laptop is overheating. He wants to find a program that will allow him to manually adjust the fan speed. He says speedfan is not picking up any fans though, so any other suggestions? P.S it is a samsung laptop.
  42. X

    Can't Install AI Suite III

    I have a ASUS Sabertooth Z87 mother board with an Intel 4770k Processor. I'm trying to install AI Suite III to control fan speeds and various other reasons. When I open the setup file, it asks me if I want to run it (because its downloaded from the internet) so I click run. But then there's...
  43. DarkDubzs

    How can i enable fan control in AMD Overdrive?

    I just downloaded AMD Overdrive today incase i want to overclock my AMD A10-6800k or even my new GTX 660 SC if possible, either of which not right now. Anyways, i also heard you can change your fans' speeds which i wanted to do right now. I open up Overdrive and go to the Fan Control section...
  44. B

    fan control software?

    hey everyone, anyone know any good free software i get download online to control my fans on my pc and check temps? thanks
  45. R

    Fans very slow after POST

    When I turn the laptop on, the fans spin fast and loudly, after POST, they go to around 5% of the previous speed and barely audible, this gradually increases as the laptop gets hotter but eventually the laptop will overheat and shut down, the fans never reach the previous, 100%. I have tried...
  46. M

    Corsair Link not working

    Hey guys, I recently got the Corsair H100i for my birthday, but i've got a problem. When I installed it, everything worked fine, but after a while Corsair Link stopped working. It doesn't show any temperatures. I tried every to me known trick, but it still doesn't work. Now i've reinstalled the...
  47. S

    Fan control help

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5928 running windows 8 and I have been encountering the problem of it reaching insanely high core temp. and the fan only turns on for maybe 30 seconds then cuts out and only recently has the fan been running 24/7 but at very low speeds it is idling in...
  48. V

    CPU temp and fan control utilities contain viruses??

    Hello, The CPU fan on my HP desktop is constantly turning on and off; BIOS shows it averaging 4500 rpms. Task Manager processes indicate nothing fishy, so I wanted to find utilities to monitor CPU temp and control fan speed. Core Temp and Speedfan seemed right for the job yet every time I try...
  49. E

    Increasing voltage on hd 6870

    Can get my sapphire hd6870 voltage increase with Trixx, but I like the fan control better with Afterburner and It wont let me unlock the voltage, why yes on Trixx and not on Afterburner? Have already clicked the voltage unlock in Afterburner.