AI suite 3 resetting fan curves


Jan 15, 2015
Soo i have a overly expensive ASUS motherboard (x99 sabertooth) iv'e had it for around a year in my current build and recently AI suite 3 has been resetting all of fan curves to a random curve (its hard to explain), basically i have got my rad fans, pump and exhaust fans being controlled my the suite and every so often it will (for example) change all of the fan curves to match my radiator fan curve and change all the speeds to react to CPU temp

this issue persists though re installs of the software and windows

any help is appreciated

When does the curve reset occur: randomly, after heavy gaming, some backup process?

Any noted updates to either AI Suite 3 or some other change that occured around "recently"?

How is the curve data stored: e.g., in some readable .txt file? Maybe the correct curve is getting over-ridden by some other default or corrupted data file.

Check their website, forum, FAQs - see if there is some update or patch.