Feeding 2 amps out in two sets of speakers

Livins Varghese

Sep 14, 2013
I have a question Feeding 2 amps out in two sets of speakers. I want to hook up two amp out in one speaker. But, I am planning to put an ON-OFF-ON toggle switch in the main power of the amps. I assume it won't hurt the amps? Any suggestions would be appreciated


Most quality amps have a port (3.5mm often) that will allow them to be in standby mode when there is no voltage on that port. When the preamp applies 12VDC the amp turns on. That is how component stereos coordinate turn on. OR there are power sensing power-strips that will switch on outlets when a master component is turned on.

What amplifiers are you talking about and what pre-amp or audio source ?

Speakers have to be specifically designed for bi-amplification. Typically they have two sets of speaker posts with metal bars that run between the posts. You remove the bars to biamp the speakers.
If you have speakers with bi-wire terminals and two stereo amps you can connect them to the speakers. You have to remove the jumper between the 2 positive and 2 negative terminals of each speaker.
If both amps are the same then you can use one for the left speaker and one for the right. That makes for less crosstalk between channels.
If they are different then you want to use one for bass and one for treble. That way the speakers will sound the same.
If the amps are stereo amps bridged to mono then you would not remove the jumpers and connect the amps as per the owners manual.
This isn't actually bi-amping because there is no crossover before the amps. It has been called vertical amping.
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