Final Fantasy AAR laptop GPU's


Oct 18, 2010
i has desktop pc that runs the game well over 100fps max settings so, please don't tell me get a desktop XD. as i am buying a laptop for other reasons.

now i'm looking for a laptop to play MMO's on

now i know it be i7 haswell

what i'm debating is GPU

i don't want overkill laptop , as i'm only want be playable, so what should base GPU for the game to be 30fps max settings , solid no frame rate drop, so something that will play it.

i live in australia, so please don't link me newegg or amazon as its USA

there is not much info in laptop gpu performance for this mmo, so i'm unsure what requirement will be for it be smooth. i was looking at GT750m or GTX760m

but as i said maybe 760m is little overkill for just 30fps, as game is more cpu intensive due it being a mmo. i would think so.