Felix Larouche

May 31, 2014

I am a 14 year old looking to buy a laptop for school. I currently have 1100$ saved up, but 500 of that is going towards a Canon T4i. Meaning I have approximately 600$ left for a laptop.

I have no idea what to get but I do know what I want and I need help in finding the laptop that suits my needs.
I'm looking to buy either right now, or before school starts to get those back to school deals ;)

I'm looking for a laptop that is:

14' or smaller
Needs to have a exellent battery life as it will be used for and at school
No need for gaming performance, as I have my PC for that
No need for an SSD, I can upgrade that myself, but if it already has one that's a plus
It would be nice to be able to upgrade components like the ram and SSD, but it wouldn't be a dealbreaker.
Lastly, the prices have to be in CAD$ and has to be from a reliable brand.

Thanks for your help.

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