FireFox Memory Leak Fix


If you are using FireFox and you notice that it is using a lot of memory in Task Manager, then you should consider using a program called Firemin. With only 5 tabs opened and two active add-ons (Adobe Acrobat and Shockwave Flash), I monitored the amount of RAM FireFox was eating up. Within 10 minutes of surfing Firefox was using about 1.2GB of RAM. I figured this was also causing Firefox to lag as well, like when you are typing but the word do not appear on screen, and suddenly after a slight pause they appear on screen. Firemin solves the memory leak issue, however the lag issue still remains.

The program allows you to set the interval to how often Firemin manages the memory leak. I set it to the longest interval (which seems to be about every 5 seconds) so that at least it does not make the lag any worse. That usually means FireFox is eats up around 250MB before being continuously shrunk down to around 30MB or so.

If I can find a solution for the lag, I will create another thread.


Mar 26, 2013
I don't understand why Mozilla doesn't fix this! Why should there be memory leaks? Why should I have to exit and restart several times a day? Why should I have to get some app to cover the defects of the Firefox!? This has been a problem and complained about since Day One. And I have repeatedly requested that FF fix it (hahaha as if they listen).

Using the program less and killing the programs that are necessary for the internet (e.g. flash) is just silly. Why have a program you can't use? If you want a program that does nothing use Chrome. But like a poster above, I'd rather go to IE (and I won't).

Mozilla has a lot of good things about it. But they are particularly stubborn about fixing certain known problems as if the problems define them.
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