Solved! First time buyer needs help!

Dec 5, 2018
Hi there! Happy Holidays to everyone! I have no photography experience. .zero. I need help choosing a camera for my 18 year old son. He wants to explore astrophotography. He has no experience wit photography.. My husband recently purchased a Nikon P900 through Walmart (we were thrilled with the advertised Moon images) but due to misrepresentation and poor handling by the third party seller, we returned it. While looking for a replacement I began to read a few forums about other Nikon options. NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM THOROUGHLY CONFUSED NOW! Is the Nikon D5600 a better option? Will it capture images of the moon similar to the P900 or will I need to buy an expensive lens? It sounds like the D5600 will be much more versatile but is it still user friendly for a beginner? THE COST NEEDS TO STAY BETWEEN $500-$600. Any help appreciated! THANK YOU,!