Fix daughters acer laptop please.


Jun 12, 2013
My daughter was given an acer computer with whole lot of games on it and now the computer wontt load up to windows at all it keeps showing a black screen ans goign to computer system repair and then tells me to hit finish and shuts the computer right down and it wont load to windows at all what can i do to fix it myself or do i have to bring it to someone to fix it please help she is upset that she cant play on her laptop. thank you a single mom.


Apr 22, 2012
What has happened to it from when it worked fine to now? How long have you had the computer?

Without being sure what the cause is, I'd probably take it back to the store if it is within the warranty period or take it to a repair shop. My best guess would be that either the hard drive is failing or there are corrupted system files causing the computer to crash when booting. But again, I'm not sure.

Any virus or other malware on the pc?


Feb 22, 2007
1) Do you have a Acer "Restore" disk or an Installation (OS) disk.
2) Helpful if you identify what OS (Windows XP or Windows 7 - Windows 7 easier to deal with as it has a much better default drives than XP.
3) Verify on the bottom of the Laptop that you have the Lic Key sticker.

As marute stated as possible causes, but add that the Bios might have changed the HDD configuration (ie from say ahci -> ide Mode)
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