Fix Laptop After User Reversed DC Polarity


Aug 4, 2016
I'm trying to fix a Gateway NE71B laptop. The owner bought a universal ac adapter, the kind with changeable tips that can easily reverse DC polarity (the tip has two prongs on the bottom -- easy to reverse). Long story short, he plugged the tip in backwards (reversing polarity) and plugged the tip into the laptop. Poof! Now the battery won't charge in the laptop. I managed to get the battery charged (outside the laptop), put it in, and the computer boots just fine. So the battery itself is good, something else is fried.

Of course, he wants to be able to plug in his laptop and use it like normal. So I volunteered. I took the motherboard out, and now I have no idea what to do. Was hoping for some kind of burned fuse/resistor I could easily desolder and replace -- but now I've realized I'm in over my head.

If anybody can offer any bit of help it would be greatly appreciated. I really don't know where to look.
It may not help but I'd want an adapter for the laptop, universals cause more problems than they help. Can go through the manufacturer or get a third party made for that model of laptop